We value our commuter student population and want to help you make the most of your experience here at Rochester College. Please let us know if you need assistance in getting involved on campus. Looking to get connected Click here.

Commuters experience weather, traffic and transportation challenges to class attendance and general campus involvement. Commuters average trip to and from the college is thirty minutes to an hour so be prepared.

Click on the tabs below for some tips and resources to help.


Class cancellations

Academic Services will post class cancellations on the Student Portal so it will be important to check the Portal daily at and use your login. We post as soon as we receive notification and unfortunately sometimes this is not in time for commuters to change travel plans.


Inclement weather and traffic

The college makes every reasonable attempt to keep the campus open for classes. However, should inclement weather prohibit safe campus operation, arrangements have been made to announce campus closures.
As a student at RC, you have the opportunity to receive alert messages via your mobile phone. Sign up here.
In the event of campus closure, evening classes will be canceled by 3:00 p.m. that day (situation permitting).
Listen to WWJ, 950 AM or WXYZ, Channel 7 for Rochester College closures. These resources also announce traffic reports.



Make certain your vehicle is reliable and if not have a “Plan B” just in case your car has reliability issues.
Advertise for other commuting students in your area to share a ride.

Check out these resources:


Commuter friendly campus locations

  • McCauley-Utley Student Center located within the Richardson Academic Center (RAC). Tables to study, upholstered furniture to relax, play pool and the home of Kibo Corner which serves affordable coffee, tea and hot chocolate beverages Monday through Friday 7:30 – 11:00 a.m. All proceeds from the sale of Kibo beverages and items go to fund Kibo projects in East Africa.
  • The Chill is located in the Westside Chapel building and next to Auditorium West. CHILL stands for Community Hub for Integrated Learning and is a quiet place to study.
  • Ham Library is located in the Ennis and Nancy Ham Library on the second floor and is a quiet place to study either in study carrels or students can reserve study rooms. The library has late hours during the week and is known for food and caffeinated beverages during major exam times.
  • Atrium Café is located in the Westside Chapel Building and is encapsulated by a glass atrium. The café offers seating conducive to relaxing and just hanging out. The café also others food and beverages for sale allowing commuters to attend to any hunger or thirst.
  • The Center for Student Life has a small seating area with free coffee/tea and so is a great place to hang out for class and converse with friends or The Center for Student Life staff.


All student emails

During the regular semester a weekly email goes out to all commuters with weekly news and updates about campus life. Please read these emails to be tuned in to campus activities.