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RCC 2001:  Chapel/Convocation


Spring 2014 Chapel/Convocation Brochure

Each semester, students participate in RCC by being enrolled without charge in “RCC 2001: Chapel/Convocation.”  RCC 2001 carries one academic credit and is assigned a letter grade at the end of the semester based on the following 25 point scale:

  • A 25 points or more
  • B 23-24
  • C 21-22
  • D 19-20
  • F 18 or fewer

There will be no tuition charged for RCC 2001. If a student drops below full-time, the credit is dropped. The most RCC credits that can be earned during the course of a degree is eight credits. These credits do not count toward the overall credits required for the completion of a degree, but they will be calculated as part of a student’s overall GPA and graduation honors. A schedule of RCC events will be published every semester, but will always include Chapel and Convocation
events which occur every Tuesday and Thursday morning throughout the fall and spring semesters. Attendance at these events is recorded by card readers which require students to have their student ID cards. Credit will only be given to those students who have their ID cards scanned. Lost, stolen, or damaged cards should be replaced as soon as possible at the Student Development Office. Graduate, part-time, non-traditional, and non-degree-seeking students
will not be enrolled in the RCC program. Otherwise, there are only three exemptions that will be considered:
(1) Students who can demonstrate through the presentation of birth certificates and IDs that they are parents dealing with childcare issues; (2) Education majors during the semester of student teaching; and (3) Mass Comm majors during the semester(s) of Specs Howard attendance requirements. All such inquiries should be directed to the Dean of Students.