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Academic Center for Excellence

The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) provides student-centered services, resources, and programs to develop independent and successful learners.

The ACE offers free tutoring sessions, study resources, computer & printer stations, and academic support for all Rochester College students.

The ACE is located in the Utley Center, downstairs from the Chapel/auditorium and right next to the cafeteria. Connected to the ACE is the Community Hub for Integrated Living and Learning (CHILL), which provides a quiet and comfortable area for individual and group study.

Peer tutoring sessions are available for math and writing assignments, as well as more specific areas of study including business, nursing, science, and religion. Peer tutors are traditional undergraduate students who are trained to help you with your assignments, while also providing study skills, tips, and support. Peer tutors are available six days a week (Sunday – Friday) on a walk-in basis during the traditional academic year (September through April). If you are unable to come to main campus during our open ACE hours, you can email the ACE to set up an appointment with a peer tutor outside ACE hours in the Ham Library. During the summer (May – August), tutoring sessions are by appointment only.

For additional information on the services available to you, please contact the ACE by emailing us at acelab@rc.edu, or calling at (248) 218-2173.

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ACE Hours & Academic Calendar

FALL 2015 Hours (August 29 – December 18, 2015)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday & Friday9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
CLOSED Dates for Fall 2015
Labor DaySeptember 5 – 7
Thanksgiving DayNovember 25 – 29
Christmas BreakDecember 19 – January 10
SPRING 2016 Hours (January 12 – May 1, 2016)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday & Thursday9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
CLOSED Dates for Spring 2016
Martin Luther King Jr.January 18
Spring BreakMarch 5 – 13
Easter HolidayMarch 25 – 27
Academic SymposiumApril 19



Peer tutors at the ACE

Peer tutors are traditional Rochester College students who have excelled in their own studies and are available to work with you one-on-one to improve your own understanding of course materials. Tutors are available to assist with a variety of subjects, including math, writing, accounting, business, science, nursing, and religion. Contact the ACE to see which tutors are available to assist you with your specific course.


Meet Our Peer Tutors


Breanna [Math]

Hi! My name is Breanna and I am a junior at Rochester. I’m studying Elementary Education with a focus in math. This is my second semester tutoring in the ACE lab as a math tutor. I also play soccer for the Women’s team at RC and my other hobbies include running and reading.


Rebekah [Math, Science, Nursing]

Hey all. I’m Rebekah. I am a nursing student here at Rochester College. I am looking forward to being of service in the ACE Lab for a third year. I tutor in math, science, and nursing. On campus, I am involved in the Student Nursing Association and Omicron Omega Zeta. Other fun facts include that I am recently engaged, I am from the great state of Iowa (where modern trampolines were created and a lot of corn is grown), and I love to read, garden, and can pickles. I have no idea what my future looks like or where I will be, but I do know I will be serving the Lord wherever I am. Best of skill on your school year! Everyone in the ACE Lab and at Rochester College is rooting for you.

Courtney [English, SI for Fundamentals of Composition]

No picture of biography currently available.


Olivia [SI for Intro to Christian Faith, English, History]

Hi! My name is Olivia. I am a senior at Rochester college majoring in Secondary Education with a focus in English and History. I serve on campus as Vice President of Student Government  and Honors Council. I am also an active member of Rochester Church of Christ. I love outdoor activities, coffee at Kibo Corner, and traveling. I work in the ACE Lab as an English tutor. I have served as a tutor for three years and have worked with a variety of learning styles and students. I am ready and willing to help with all of your academic needs!


Emily [SI for Elementary Statistics, Math]

Emily is a junior at Rochester College. Growing up, she always wanted to be a teacher and her hopes remain the same. Emily is studying to go into Elementary Education with a major in Mathematics. Previously tutoring on the side, this is her second year tutoring here at Rochester. She is also a part of the women’s soccer team, and other hobbies include reading books, traveling, and drinking coffee.

Ryan [Math]

No picture of biography currently available.

Taylor [English, Government]

No picture of biography currently available.

Abigail [Science, Math, SI for Intro to Christian Faith]

No picture of biography currently available.


Damian [SI for Intro to Chemistry, Science]

Howdy! My name is Damian. This is my third year here at RC. I am 20 years old. This is my second year as an ACE tutor and SI! I am a Pre-Med major with my second area of concentration being in Psychology. I’m originally from Houston, Texas, and I moved to Michigan in 2012. I like sports, staying active, and meeting new people. I will be more than happy to help with anything Science related!


Alayna [Accounting, Economics, English, History]

I am a senior, and I’ll (hopefully!) be graduating in December 2016 with double majors in Accounting and Business Management and a minor in History.  At school, I’ve served as the secretary for the Honors Council, become the treasurer of Omicron Omega Zeta, and worked as a co-director of NSO/FYE.  Outside of school, I do accounting work for a medical group.  In my free time, I like to read, bike, explore new places, play the piano, and spend time with my friends and family. This is my third year working in the ACE Lab, and I really enjoy the opportunity to meet and help other students!

Christy [Accounting, Business, Economics, Religion]

No picture of biography currently available.

Alivia [Math, Religion]

No picture of biography currently available.


Jared [Math]

Bios can be bad

Or stupid, or quite useless

This is all of those


I do math and stuff

And some science, but no writing

Leave that to others


Tutor of six years

Still don’t know what I’m doing

Please visit, bring snacks


This is getting weird

Three verses, no doubt enough

Should get back to “work”


Matt [Math]

My name is Matt, and I am a senior Biology major and Math minor. This is my fourth year as a math tutor in the ACE lab. I enjoy backpacking, cycling, and just about all types of sports. On campus, I am also part of the Delta Nu social club and the NSO team as a peer adviser.


Michal [English]

I’m Michal, and yes, I’m a girl! I am an English tutor here in the ACE Lab. I am a sophomore here at RC and my major is Interdisciplinary Studies with focus in English and International Studies. I love stories (especially science fiction, fantasy, and dystopias; print or on screen doesn’t matter) and music. I play bass clarinet in the concert band on campus and also play piano whenever I can get my hands on one! I am one of the editors of Blackberry Winter and regularly attend RC’s writers group, Ex Libris. Fun fact: I have a blog where I post stories on a semi-regular basis, and I have a book called “The Rose Bandit” available for free on iBooks.

Summer [Nursing, English, Anatomy, Chemistry]

No picture of biography currently available.

Kirsten [SI]


McKenzie [Nursing, Math, Science]

Hey everybody! My name is McKenzie and I am in the Nursing Program. I have been a tutor for 2 years and am very excited to get the opportunity to work with you all this year. I am great at pep-talks, (if I do say so myself!) and I tutor Math, Science, and Nursing. You are looking at the Vice-President of social club Omicron Omega Zeta and (insert shameless plug here), I would love for all you ladies to consider joining a social club. My biggest advice to becoming successful academically is to make connections with people in your community here at Rochester College. There are many different ways to make connections, by making tons of friends, getting involved by joining some club or another, and using the resources, like the ACE LAB. Take the opportunities that present themselves this semester. I look forward to seeing you!

Hannah [SI for Survey of Biblical Literature, English, Accounting/Business, Religion]

Hi! My name is Hannah and I am a senior here at Rochester.  I will be graduating December 2016 with a double major in Accounting and Business Management.  This is my first semester as a SI/tutor and I am excited to see how I can be of assistance! Off campus I work for Woodside Bible Church as a finance clerk and truly enjoy this job.  I am learning so much everyday!  On campus I am involved in Omicron Omega Zeta and many other activities.  For fun I love to be outside, play sports and read.

Elizabeth [History, English, Math]

No picture of biography currently available.

Leah [English, Psychology]

No picture of biography currently available.

Maria [Math, Science]

No picture of biography currently available.

Do YOU want to work at the Academic Center for Excellence?

If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, please contact Caitlin Bechard, ACE Director, at cbechard@rc.edu, or (248) 218-2174. In order to become a tutor, you must be a sophomore, maintain a GPA of 3.3 or higher, and have an A in the course you wish to tutor in.




ACE Director

Caitlin Bechard

Caitlin Bechard
cbechard@rc.edu – (248) 218-2174

Caitlin Bechard, ACE Director, graduated with her Master’s degree in Literature from Eastern Michigan University and earned her Bachelor’s degree from Wayne State University with a double major in English and Film Studies.


ACE Assistant

Michelle Stanton

Michele Stanton
mstanton@rc.edu – (248) 218-2173
Michele Stanton, ACE Assistant, is an alumni of Rochester College with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and minor in Counseling.


Academic Support at the ACE

Peer Tutor Support

Peer tutoring sessions for math and writing assignments are available six days a week on a walk-in basis during the traditional academic semester. Tutors will work one-on-one with you to help you better understand assignments, work through problems, and craft your papers. In addition to this, tutors will provide study and problem-solving techniques so that you can better prepare for course exams and finals. Math tutors provide support with Survey of Math, Beginning Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra. Writing tutors are available to assist you during any part of the writing process, from brain-storming, or organizing a final draft. Academic support is also available in science, business, religion, nursing, psychology, and other disciplines. Please contact the ACE to find the availability of tutors for your specific coursework needs.

Peer tutoring sessions are 30 minutes long, allowing you to work through problem areas of your assignment, and set goals with the consultant for the completion of your assignment. The ACE is available for independent study and work as well, with a vast array of resources available for your academic success.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is also available through the ACE for specific courses. SI leaders provide study sessions for traditionally difficult classes, offering engaging review opportunities for concepts and ideas presented in classes. SI leaders are peer tutors who sit in on classes, take notes, and work with the professor to ensure that important material and study strategies are being covered during group SI sessions. Studies have shown that students who attend SI sessions earn higher grades than those who do not. SI session times and location are available at the ACE Lab.

Independent Work & Study

Just looking for a distraction free place to study and work? The ACE is your place. You are welcome to work and study independently amidst a variety of accessible resources. Computer stations, printer, and copier are also available for your use.

Textbook Resources

The ACE lab has a variety of textbooks that you can use while you work in the ACE. This link (ACE Textbook Resources) will take you to a directory of our resources. If you are unable to find the book you need at the ACE, check out the Ennis & Nancy Ham Library.


Online Academic Resources

In addition to the personal academic support available to you at the ACE, there are a variety of online resources and printable study pages that can also help you:

Moodle Support This printable brochure takes you through Moodle posts and quizzes. It also provides important contact information if you need additional help.

History Study Tips This informational page will help you as you study for your history course.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a wonderful resource for any writing questions you may have. From common errors to proper citation formatting, OWL Purdue provides a variety of examples, explanations, and tools for you to improve your writing and style.

Plagiarism.org  This site offers a clear explanation of plagiarism, and provides the tools to help you site your work appropriately. This is a great resource to use if you are still confused about what constitutes as plagiarism.

How to Study.com  This site provides clear information on study skills including: preparing to study, developing better reading and listening skills, guidelines for creating flash cards, and much more.

How to Study.org  Learn how to succeed in college with the latest study strategies and writing techniques. Get hints and tips for writing papers for your major and passing final exams.

Study Guides and Strategies   This website is authored, developed, and maintained by Joe Landsberger as an educational public service. The student guides are collaboratively maintained across institutional and national boundaries, and were last revised March 2008. Permission is granted to freely copy, adapt, and distribute individual Study Guides in print format in non-commercial educational settings that benefit learners.

Effective Study Skills  This web page on study skills is designed to help you improve your learning and comprehension. Effective study skills must be practiced in order for you to truly improve in your studies.

Learning Strategies  This website has information on time management, reading textbooks, note taking, and managing stress and anxiety (includes videos).

Note Taking Techniques:  Mindmapping  &  Cornell note taking method [PDF]

Academic Reading Guide  This site is a comprehensive resource to help students increase their reading efficiency and comprehension. This guide explains what to look for when you read for academic purposes, how to take notes as you read, and what an essay should look like.

Khan Academy shows extensive video library, interactive challenges, and assessments for math, science, finance & economy, humanities, and test preparation.

Citation Style Guides

American Psychological Association

Modern Language Association

Chicago Manual of Style Online, Sixteenth edition

Society of Biblical Literature



Math Tutors

Math tutors are traditional students who excel in math courses, and are available to work with you one-on-one or in a group setting. Currently, tutors provide assistance for Survey of Math, Beginning Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra. The advantage of one-on-one sessions is that the tutor can work with you step by step through difficult problems. Math tutors will not assist with take-home quizzes or exams.

Professor Support

Vivian Turner, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, is available up to 5 hours a week in the ACE and in scheduled math labs. Mrs. Turner’s weekly hours are posted in the ACE or you can call (248) 218-2173 to find her current availability. In addition, all Rochester College math instructors host office hours in order to meet with students and discuss coursework and other issues.

What You Need to Bring to a Math Session

Bring your book, your assignment, your calculator, and your own class notes to tutoring sessions. If you don’t have a calculator, you are able to sign one out at the ACE. You also should bring the assignment as you attempted it, for it is important to at least try the assignment before coming to a tutoring session. Note cards, used to record pertinent material for portable study, can also be helpful.



Writing Tutors

Writing tutors are traditional students who excel in English and language courses, and are available to work with you one-on-one in a collaborative setting. Writing tutors are available to help you during any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to formatting your final paper. While writing tutors are available to work with you on your writing assignment, tutors are not editors. Writing sessions instead are collaborations that allow you to better organize and communicate your ideas. Tutors can assist with grammar and syntax issues as well as citations during sessions, although the main focus of the session will be on the organization and communication of your ideas.

Professor Support

Professor Zac Watson is available up to 5 hours a week in the ACE to provide writing assistance. Mr. Watson’s weekly hours are posted in the ACE or you can call (248) 218-2173. In addition, all Rochester College English and Language instructors host office hours in order to meet with students and discuss coursework and other issues.

What You Need to Bring to a Writing Session

Bring your writing assignment, ideas, notes, drafts, other relevant materials, and a specific task on which to work. Be prepared to take an active role in your sessions. Let the tutor know specifically where you would like to work on. Plan ahead and come in days before the assignment is due in order to have time to make proper revisions.



Rochester College’s ACE is currently offering online writing support for students who are unable to schedule in-person writing consultations on campus. Writing tutors abide by Rochester College’s Comprehensive Code of Academic Integrity. The final draft of any paper should be the author’s original work.

Please complete the Online Writing Form found at the bottom of this page or on the Student Portal for each writing assignment. You may only submit one assignment at a time.

Please read the following information before submitting a paper online:

  • Papers must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance (Mon. – Thur.) or 72 hours in advance (Fri. – Sun.).
  • The consultation time will be limited to 30 minutes per paper.
  • It is expected that the paper will be revised by the author before submission to the ACE. Do understand that the ACE will not take a rough draft and refine it into a final draft.
  • The writing tutor will address higher order concerns (thesis, organization, development).
  • The writing tutor can assist with grammar and punctuation and will do so in the form of comments and/or questions. The student may have to research for understanding of those comments. For example, instead of putting a comma after an independent clause, the tutor will state, “This is a compound sentence.”
  • The author makes the final decision on his/her original work, and all of the tutor’s comments should be questioned and researched before submission to the instructor.
  • It is expected that the author will learn from this process, and his/her writing will improve with effort. The author should address recurring issues throughout the entire paper.
  • Each paper can only be submitted two times for tutors’ comments.

For more information, please email acelab@rc.edu.



Programs at the ACE

Social & Educational Programs

Throughout the academic year, the ACE hosts small educational and social programs. Announcements about upcoming programs can be found on the ACE Facebook page and during Chapel announcements.

Student-Athlete Study Hours Program

Effective Fall 2016

The Athletic Department and the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) are committed to the academic progress and success of student-athletes as they participate in intercollegiate competition and work toward earning their degrees at Rochester College. It is the belief of both the Athletic Department and the ACE that each and every athlete has the capability to achieve academically and athletically, and it is the desire of these two departments to provide support and resources for student-athlete success both on and off of the field.

Rochester College Warriors Study Hour Policies

In order to ensure that student-athletes have the opportunity for studying in their busy schedules, Rochester College student-athletes must participate in the Study Hour program.

All freshmen and first-year transfer students must complete two mandatory hours of Study Hour time each week in the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) during their first semester.

Students must swipe in and out of the ACE in order to record their Study Hour time. Student-athletes are welcome to use this time for independent study in either the ACE or the CHILL (Community Hub for Integrated Living and Learning), and/or they may use this time to take advantage of the peer tutoring help available in the ACE. Student-athletes will be monitored by ACE Director, Assistant, Coaching Staff, and Tutoring Staff. Weekly reports of student-athlete hours will be sent to both the coaching staff as well as the Athletic Director and Associate Athletic Director. A coach may elect to have student-athletes complete a hard-copy form in addition to the electronic record keeping method.

If any student, freshman or transfer, has been admitted on academic alert (conditionally admitted) or has been placed on academic warning or academic probation, he/she is required to attend six hours each week in the ACE.

After freshman year (or first year after transfer), if the cumulative GPA of the student-athlete dips below a 2.5, the student must adhere to the following scale for additional required Study Hours.

GPA (Cumulative or Term)Required Study Table Hours
Below 2.06 (includes 2 hours with a tutor)
2.01 – 2.255 (includes 1 hour with a tutor)
2.26 – 2.54 (includes 0.5 hours with a tutor)

Upperclassmen do not have required Study Hours in the ACE. All student-athletes, regardless of whether or not they have required Study Hours, are welcome in the resources and support available in the ACE and CHILL.

A coach may require mandatory Study Hours for any student-athlete outside of the hours required above (within reason). Mandatory hours for upperclassman who remain above the GPA requirements is left to the discretion of the coach, Athletic Director, Associate Athletic Director, ACE Director and/or Dean of Students  and will be monitored by the ACE Staff.

Study Hour Expectations for Student-Athletes:

  • Student-athletes must bring their student ID card in order to track their time.
  • Student-athletes must come to the ACE with coursework to keep them busy during the allotted time. Students should bring appropriate books and materials.
  • The required hours do not have to be completed all at once. For example, a student with 2 required hours may choose to spend one hour in the ACE on Monday and another hour in the ACE on Wednesday.
  • Study Hour time is not to be used for non-academic purposes. No cell phone use or social media.
  • Student-athletes are to maintain the quiet atmosphere of the study area and respect the tutors and staff who monitor the areas. Talking should be kept to a minimum.
  • Study hours are available Monday – Friday in the ACE & CHILL. Open hours may vary depending on the semester. Sunday study hours are available in the Ennis & Nancy Ham Library from 7 pm – 10 pm. Students must check-in with the tutor working in the library in order for their time to be logged.
  • Students will be allowed to use the library for research or other needs, but will need to check in and out with a librarian in order to track the hours. The Study Hours Library Work Form will need to be signed by a librarian upon checking in and out of the library.
  • If a student cannot meet with a tutor during the open hours of the ACE Lab, the student may request tutoring outside of open hours by contacting the ACE by email or phone.

Infractions for failure to meet the required hours:

  • 1st infraction: Coach will be notified and will determine the appropriate disciplinary action for the student-athlete.
  • 2nd infraction: Student-athlete will not be allowed to participate in the next date of competition. Any deviation in this policy will be determined by the Coach in conjunction with the Athletic Director.
  • 3rd Infraction: Student-athlete will meet with the Athletic Director, Dean of Students, and Coach to determine future actions which may include additional missed competition, a reduction in athletically related aid, or indefinite suspension from the team.

Athletes who miss exams due to athletic competition may make up those exams in the Academic Testing Center. These arrangements must be worked out in advance with the Course Instructor, Coach, and Academic Testing Coordinator.

It is the expectation of Rochester College’s Athletic Department and the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) that this time will be used to study and complete required coursework. Peer tutor support is available in the ACE for students who need additional support. Student-athletes are to be advised that peer tutoring is also open to the entire Rochester College student body on a walk-in basis, so student-athletes may have to wait to work with a tutor. However, tutoring appointments can be made 24 hours in advance. Resources including calculators, headphones, textbooks, and writing utensils are available for students to check out with their student ID cards at the ACE.

*Tutoring appointments can be made by email, phone, or the electronic form found on the homepage of the ACE website. Students should provide two days/times of availability; a confirmation email will be sent to confirm appointments.


 ACE Evaluation Form

All students who receive support from the ACE are asked to complete an evaluation form after each tutoring session. This short survey will help us improve ACE services for the Rochester College student community.

After having an appointment with an ACE tutor, please complete the following form available at the link below. Please give us your honest feedback, as it will help us improve our services to you. Your comments will remain anonymous. Thank you!

ACE Evaluation Form