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Desire. Nothing shapes our lives more than those things our hearts are hungry for, and endless are those things our world offers as worthy of our desires. Worship, though, is the place where Christian desire is trained on the Kingdom of God, where we learn that our hungry hearts are only fully satisfied by participating in God’s life.

This year at Streaming, we gather to discuss how worship and the formation of missional communities are connected, and we’ve brought the best to help us think about it, including James Smith (Calvin College), Jamie Clark-Soles (SMU), and Randy Harris (ACU). Join us for this important conversation, Oct 6-8.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – October 6-8, 2016


Thursday, Oct 6

12-2:00  Registration
2:-2:45  Opening Worship—Naomi Walters
2:45    Break
3:00    Opening Remarks—Setting the theme—Mark Love
3:30    Spark Talks
4:00    James Smith—“You Are What You Love: Worship, Formation, and the Spiritual Power of Habit”
5:00    Spark Talks
5:30    Dinner (provided)
6:45    Passages—An Evening of Springsteen and other theological performances, featuring Scott and Caryl Parker, Boone Langston, and others
8:00    Evening Prayers and Dismissal


8:30    Gathering
9:00    Spark talks
9:30    James Smith—“Worship as Mission: Ancient Wisdom for a Secular Age”
10:30  Break
10:45  Worship Planners’ Panel
11:30   Spark Talks
12:00  Lunch (provided)
1:30    Group reflection work
2:15    Randy Harris—“If I was the Worship Czar…”
3:00    Response Harris (Richard Beck, Randy Harris, Jamie Clark-Soles and others)
3:45    Break
4:00    Jamie Clark-Soles—“Spirit and Truth: John’s Gospel on Worship that Satisfies Hunger and Quenches Thirst: Part One”
5:00    Taize
5:30    Evening Free


8:30    Gathering
9:00    Jamie Clark-Soles—“Spirit and Truth: John’s Gospel on Worship that Satisfies Hunger and Quenches Thirst: Part Two”
10:00  Break
10:15  Three Proposals and Group Discussion
11:15  Closing Worship—Richard Beck


smith_streamingJames (Jamie) Smith is a philosophy professor at Calvin College. He is particularly adept at bringing philosophy into meaningful dialogue with theology and ministry. His books, Desiring the Kingdom and Imagining the Kingdom, have become important in many conversations, including worship, theological education, and theological anthropology. His important voice in multiple conversations makes him a sought-out presenter at conferences like Streaming.
In Imagining the Kingdom, Jamie argues that we are desiring creatures. We worship what we love. More, he suggests that our desires are shaped by our bodily practices, especially worship. He will bring two presentations under the title, “You Are What You Love: Worship, Formation, and the Spiritual Power of Habit”

richard_beckRichard Beck is the chairman of the Psychology Department at Abilene Christian University, and a notes author and speaker. His blog, Experimental Theology, is widely read, a constant source of serious and insightful reflection on what it means to be human in God’s world. Richard’s books, beginning with Unclean and up to his latest book, Reviving Old Scratch, have opened up helpful ways to think about contemporary Christian life. Richard has been to Streaming twice before, but is coming this year in a new role: preacher. We’re always excited to have Richard on our program.

clark-soles_streamingJaime Clark-Soles has taught New Testament at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University since 2001. She was born in Pontiac, leaving at an early age and is eager to return to Michigan to see where her mother grew up and where she spent the early years of her life. She did her advanced training in ministry/biblical studies at Yale Divinity School where she received both her MDiv and PhD.
She is the author of Engaging the Word: The New Testament and the Christian Believer (WJK, 2010), Death and Afterlife in the New Testament (T&T Clark, 2006), and Scripture Cannot Be Broken (E.J. Brill, 2003). Dr. Clark-Soles enjoys speaking widely and writing for both academic and popular audiences. Her scholarly interests revolve around the Gospel of John. Appropriately, Jamie will bring two presentations under the title, “In Spirit and Truth: Worship and the Community of Love in John.”

Naomi Walters is the newest faculty member in the School of Theology and Ministry at Rochester College. She teaches Introduction to the Christian Faith, our cornerstone course for all RC students, as well as ministry courses. Naomi is the advisor and key architect for our new Worship Ministry degree.




harris_streamingRandy Harris teaches bible and ministry at Abilene Christian University. Randy is known widely, not only as an outstanding teacher and lecturer, but also as someone deeply engaged in contemplative spirituality. He cares deeply about the formation of ministers and the communities they serve.