Bible Ministry Scholarship ($98,000)

The heart of our mission at Rochester College is to train young people to be salt and light in their chosen fields of study. There is a trend that shows the northern Midwest is losing its young ministry students to southern schools, mostly because these schools offer larger scholarships for ministry majors. While this is good for the students, it is not good for the work of the church in the upper Midwest — upon graduation we seldom are able to get this valuable resource back to minister here in the North. In addition, ministry majors are not eligible for state grants. Ministry scholarships, therefore, are invaluable to those students pursuing a program of religious studies at Rochester College. Ministry majors must often bear a heavier financial burden from student loans than students pursuing other majors. We want to fix this problem, but we need your help.

This year, Rochester College is attempting to raise $62,500 for scholarships—for students enrolled in our Masters of Religious Education program—and $36,000 in scholarships for our undergraduate ministry majors. Thus, our total goal is $98,000.

We are grateful that a southern foundation has again stepped forward this year to provide us with $18,000 in special scholarship funds for these students. As usual, it requires us to match those funds dollar-for-dollar. Many have graciously helped us meet this challenge in the past. We especially need your assistance this year to secure the $18,000 in matching funds for students who are choosing to commit their lives to Kingdom service. They have a passion to minister, a desire to make a difference in a world that is looking for answers. Help us train the next generation of ministry leaders. Help prepare them. Help send them. Help the world.

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