Spring Chorus Trip ($10,000)

So many lives have been touched by the Chorus of Rochester College (Michigan Christian College). The chorus is the face of the college — performing at churches, concert halls, youth camps and other venues, including Carnegie Hall.

 The Spring Chorus Trip is a major marketing and recruiting tool. Help us put the Chorus in front of potential students and donors to the institution.

 If you were once a member of the A Cappella Chorus, you remember the second family you found on those cross-country bus rides, late nights at host homes, and hours of singing together. You remember what it was like to cry, hug, laugh, sing and worship with your friends in chorus. Relationships were cemented that have lasted through the years. Give a student an opportunity to experience what you may have experienced as well.

 We are proud of our choral heritage, which has encompassed our 50-year history. A couple of “C” notes ($100) would really help here. Help us put our heritage in front of a larger group of people. We make great music when we do it together. 

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