Sr. Admissions Recruiter & Coordinator of Traditional Recruiting Initiatives
Phone: 248.218.2160
Office: Muirhead Center
Hi, there! My name is Emily, and I'm so excited to help you as you consider Rochester College for your higher education.
As a graduate of Rochester College, not only can I tell you first-hand about what a fantastic place this is to be, but I can also get you connected to the people on campus that you want to meet- professors, current students, coaches, and those who lead the activities you want to be a part of. 
I've worked at Rochester College as an Admissions Recruiter and as an Academic Advisor, so I am more than happy to answer questions you have about the classes you'll be taking and the degree plan you are hoping to pursue.
I work primarily with students in the Oakland County area, but I also work specifically with students who want to come to Rochester College to pursue music, art, and theatre. I performed in musicals and plays while I was a student at RC, and I was a member of the A Cappella Chorus and Autumn, so I can personally attest to what an amazing experience our students have in those programs. My husband and I are actively involved in our local community theatre, and I love working with students who have a passion for the arts. The quickest way to get me chatting is to tell me what show you're currently working on! 
I also spent two summers interning in Uganda in East Africa through the GEO program when I was an RC student. My time studying and working abroad significantly shaped who I am, and it is those kinds of opportunities that make Rochester College such an amazing place. Here, you will certainly stretch yourself academically, but you have opportunities to grow in many other ways as well. 
Regardless of what academic program you'd like to pursue at Rochester, I can tell you that the thing I love best about being here is our community. We are a small school where nobody gets lost in the crowd. You will be in classes where your professor and your classmates know you by name, and you'll get a level of personal attention that it's simply not practical to expect at a larger institution. No matter what you're studying, that is an environment that is uniquely conducive to academic success!
Please touch base anytime to find out more about why I think Rochester College is so special. I'll be happy to walk you through the admissions process, show you around campus, or simply chat with you as you decide what your next step should be.