COMPASS Testing Information
Testing is by appointment only

For More Information or to Schedule an Appointment: contact the Academic Testing Center (ATC) at 248-218-2137 or

Location: The ATC is located in room 207 on the 2nd floor of the Ham Library building in the Career Resource Center

TIP: Scheduling an appointment for COMPASS testing before registering for classes may prevent the need for changing your schedule around later.

Who Can Benefit From COMPASS Testing?
COMPASS exams are placement tests that help determine which course a student should be placed in according to the student’s ability to pass the class successfully. A student may be placed in certain remedial courses that will not count toward a degree when ACT or SAT scores are not available for the advisor to use for placement or when the scores do not meet the minimum requirement. In either situation, the student has the option to take one or both COMPASS exams. Upon receiving at least the minimum required score, the student may be placed into a higher level course which can save time and tuition expense.

• There is a $10 per exam fee which may be paid by check or by cash with correct change in the ATC at test appointment (beginning Aug 27, 2016 – fee will increase to $15 per exam).
• Payment by credit card must be paid to the Business Office Cashier located in the Associates Campus Center building (CC). Receipt must be shown as proof of payment at testing appointment.

Testing Day:
• Bring receipt as proof of payment if payment was made in the Business Office
• Bring a photo ID as proof of identity such as Driver’s License or high school ID
• All electronic devices including cell phone must be turned off and stored out of sight while in the testing room
• Students will typically receive a COMPASS score at test completion; however, 5% of eWrite (essay exams) are randomly pulled for hand scoring, and the results will not be available until 2-3 business days following the test date
• eWrite exams are 1 hour timed exams – math exams are not timed and typically take 20 minutes or less

For sample test questions and test-taking tips, visit the ACT/COMPASS website with the links below:

• Writing Essay (e-Write):
• Mathematics:


CLEP Testing Information

Rochester College is a limited testing facility; therefore, CLEP tests are offered only to Rochester College students. 

All CLEP exams must be completed by the end of the second semester student is enrolled at Rochester College; however, student may not receive credit for a test taken during his/her final semester.  In addition, students may not seek CLEP credit for courses taken at Rochester College which they failed in regular attendance or by examination. Effective October 17, 2014, the waiting period for retesting is three months.

Making an appointment:

  • Before scheduling a CLEP test appointment, it is best for students to first check with their advisor to be sure which courses/credits are needed for the degree the student is seeking.
  • Visit to view available exams.  Note: Rochester College does not grant credit for the College Mathematics CLEP exam.
  • To schedule an appointment, contact the Test Administrator in the Academic Testing Center (ATC) at: 248-218-2137 or 

Fees and Payment Method:

  • CLEP Test Fee:  The current CLEP exam fee is $80 and must be paid online before exam appointment. 

NOTE: it is important to contact the ATC to schedule an appointment to take the exam either before purchasing the exam or as soon as possible after purchase as the exam tickets/vouchers expire after 6 months. Visit the CLEP website,, and create an account using the My Account feature to register and pay for CLEP exams.   Study materials may also be purchases on the My Account page.  After signing up for a CLEP exam on My Account, a registration ticket/voucher is issued to confirm the CLEP exam purchase.  This voucher # is required in order to test on the appointment day.  

  • Rochester College Administration Fee:  Rochester College charges a $35 administrative fee (beginning Aug 27, 2016 – fee will increase to $40).  Test-takers may pay the administrative fee in the ATC on or before testing day by check or cash (exact change) only.  Payments by credit card must be paid to the Cashier in the Business Office located in the Associates Campus Center building prior to the test appointment, and the receipt must be presented to the Test Administrator as proof of payment before testing.
  • Credit Posting Fee:  An additional fee of $25 per credit hour will be charged for academic posting to student’s transcript upon passing a CLEP exam (beginning Aug 27, 2016 – fee will increase to $30 per credit hour).  Once Rochester College has received an official score report from CLEP/College Board, credit will be posted to the student’s transcript, and the posting fee will be billed to the student’s account.

What to Bring on Testing Day:

  • Receipt for Administrative Fee: Bring receipt as proof of payment if administrative fee was paid to the Cashier in the Business Office. 
  • Photo ID: – One form of ID that includes a photo and a signature must be presented for testing.
  • Ticket/Voucher Number:  The ticket/voucher can be printed from the website to bring to the student’s test appointment; however, the number is all that is needed.
  • Do not bring any electronic device to the testing center – they are strictly prohibited.

Study Guides and Helpful Information:

  • CLEP tests are computerized exams.  Students will receive a test score report immediately following an exam with the exception of the College Composition exam which has a 2-3 week grading period.
  • Practice tests, and other valuable information regarding CLEP exams may be viewed using the following link: – select the “CLEP for test-takers” in the upper right hand corner.
  • Study guides are also available for use in the Career Services office.

CLEP Contact Information:


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ACT Prep Guide


SAT Testing Information


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