Summer 2013 Fellowship

Organizing for Action
Summer Organizing Fellowship
1201 16th Street Washington, DC 20036
(Fellowship in Chicago)

• Time Period: Full or Part-time, depending on the needs of the student. We ask that you commit to at least 10 hours a week, though we have found that most students get significantly more out of it if they work more.
• Internship or Job: Internship
• Location: The fellows will be managed by the State Coordinator, based in Lansing. However, because of the community organizing nature of the program, much of the work will be done in local communities and neighborhoods. Because of the mobility necessitated by the position, however, we do ask that potential fellows have reliable access to a vehicle.
• Desired Qualifications: There are no specific qualifications necessary; however, the position is competitive and the candidates need to demonstrate an interest and focus on politics, political organizing, issues advocacy, or related issues.

• Job Description: You will be organizing in communities around key issues such as immigration, gun violence prevention, and climate change. You’ll learn pivotal community organizing tactics and build key relationships with staff, fellows, and Volunteers that will help prepare you for the next level in your career. Your goal is to raise the profile of these issues among local communities such that the pressure exerted will have an effect on the state and national level.
• How to Apply: Online application at
• Compensation: The position is unpaid, but academic credit is an option should the candidate desire
• Application Deadline: The application deadline is May 3rd
• Website:
OFA has a strong history of hiring Fellows who distinguish themselves; many of the current staff members got their start in the fellowship program. This is also a good resume-builder and the skills accrued in a summer of work will carry over into all areas of life.