volunteerFive Alumni Association committees are developing various opportunities for alumni to engage with one another and their alma mater as volunteers. In coming months, additional volunteer opportunities will be added to this list. This is your chance to get involved as an active member of the Alumni Association. Let us hear from you!

Ambassador Committee Initiatives

Facebook Ambassadors.  Facebook posts from friends and organizations appear randomly in an individual’s news feed. The reach of a Facebook post is directly related to the number of likes, comments, and shares a particular post receives. Regardless of where you live, you can serve as a Facebook Ambassador. By signing up as a Facebook Ambassador, you simply agree to visit the Rochester College Facebook page on a regular basis to like, comment, and share college posts, thus causing those posts to appear on the news feeds of more alumni. To volunteer as a Facebook Ambassador, click here.

Guest Day Ambassadors.  Throughout the year, the Admissions Office hosts Warrior Fridays for prospective students on the main campus, and the Center for Extended Learning (CEL) holds Open Houses at their various campus sites. Guest Day Ambassadors assist with those events by attending on the dates of their choice. Warrior Fridays include visiting with prospective students and their parents during the breakfast and/or lunch hour. Ambassadors interact with prospective students the entire time of a CEL Open House. To volunteer as a Guest Day Ambassador, click here.

Fund-Raising Committee Initiatives

5K Run.  The fund-raising committee is considering development of a 5K Run. They want to host events that bring alumni together while raising funds for the Lake Norcentra Park Project. If you are interested in serving on a planning committee or assisting with a 5K Run, click here.

Mom-to-Mom Sale.  A Mom-to-Mom Sale is also being considered by the fund-raising committee. If you are interested in serving on a planning committee or assisting with a Mom-to-Mom Sale, click here.

Leadership Committee Initiatives

LinkedIn Researchers.  Maintaining accurate information about former students is an ongoing challenge for the alumni office. Such information helps the college connect with alumni and often surfaces individuals who can assist with other alumni initiatives. LinkedIn is a valuable source of information, but requires substantial research. Researchers help the alumni office find former students on LinkedIn, provide information for the alumni database, and invite former students to join the Rochester College Alumni Association LinkedIn group. You can serve as a LinkedIn Researcher regardless of where you live. To volunteer as a LinkedIn Researcher, click here.

Social Club Sponsors.  Alumni make ideal sponsors for the campus social clubs. Former club members understand the importance and function of club life. If you are interested in serving as a Social Club Sponsor, click here.

Mentoring Committee Initiatives

eMentors.  As Rochester College students move into their junior year, they begin to make a mental transition into “life after college.” They often wonder what they should look for in an internship, how to handle the interviewing process for their first job, what to expect once they accept full-time employment in their chosen career, or numerous other questions. Alumni who work in similar careers can provide guidance and encouragement to current Rochester College students as eMentors. While local alumni might choose to meet in person with their mentees on occasions, alumni living anywhere can effectively use email for their entire relationship as an eMentor. To volunteer as an eMentor, click here.

Laundry Night.  In order to build alumni relationships with current students, the mentoring committee hosts Laundry Nights in the campus residence halls. Alumni volunteers provide refreshments, laundry soap, and conversation while student participants do their laundry at no cost. To volunteer to assist with Laundry Nights, click here.

Volunteer Committee Initiatives

Lake Norcentra Project.  In order to revitalize one of the college’s greatest physical assets, the volunteer committee is leading efforts to improve the area around Lake Norcentra. Alumni, college personnel, governmental officials, and community organizations currently are developing a master plan for future improvements. Each spring, the volunteer committee organizes a Lake Norcentra Volunteer Day to rake leaves, trim bushes, and remove fallen trees from the lake area. The next volunteer day is scheduled for Saturday, May 9, 2015. Registration to assist with the day will begin about one month prior to the event.

Ice Cream Olympics.  The Alumni Association hosts a special event for the student body during the first weekend of each academic year. At the opening of the 2013-14 academic year, the Alumni Association hosted the Ice Cream Olympics. Students, alumni, and employees enjoyed one another’s company while sampling and voting for the best ice cream from some of the area’s top ice cream makers. To assist with hosting the event, click here.