bleeding heartsRochester College students and employees often refer to the college community as a family. The Rochester College family expresses its sympathy for the loss of the following alumni and former employees during the last twelve months. If you know of other alumni or former employees who have passed away in the last year, please contact Larry Stewart at

Sharon (Simpson) Rice, a member of the class of 1963, died April 16, 2106. Sharon was preceded in death by her husband, Terry Rice, in 1992. Terry was also a member of the class of 1963. Obituary

A member of the class of 1966, Linda (Robbins) Arthur, passed away April 11, 2016. Linda’s daughter, Shannon (Dickerson) Arthur, is a member of the class of 1992. Obituary

Leona (Jankowski) Openshaw, a member of the class of 1965, passed away March 21, 2016. Leona’s sister, Diana (Jankowski) Woloszyk, is a member of the class of 1967. Obituary

Eileen Gill, the college cashier during the late 1970s, wife of minister Ernie Gill, and adopted mother of numerous college students, passed away March 1, 2016. Eileen is the mother of Randy Gill (’74) and Robin (Gill-’77) Smith. Obituary

A member of the class of 1969, Jack Murray, died Feb 29, 2016. Two of Jack’s sisters, Shannon (Murray-’62) Kronberg and Cheryl (Murray-’67) Grout are also alumni. Obituary

John Kalmanir, a 2000 graduate of the Center for Extended Learning, died Nov. 9, 2015. Obituary

Fred Alexander, a pioneer faculty member and former director of admissions, passed away Jan. 25, 2016. Fred was also the founding director of the A Cappella Chorus. Obituary

A 1973 graduate, Marilee (Beals) Spann, passed away Jan. 16, 2016. Marilee’s husband, Tim Spann, is also a member of the class of 1973. Obituary

June (Hendrick) Bufkin, a member of the class of 1983 and former employee of the college, passed away Jan. 7, 2016. June’s brother, Wes Hendrick, is a 1980 graduate. Obituary

Rick Doan, a 2003 graduate from the College of Extended Learning, died Jan. 7, 2016. Obituary

A member of the class of 2002, Joshua Inman, died Nov. 19, 2015. Josh’s mother, Renee (Ashby) McLaughlin, is a member of the class of 1979. Obituary

Linda (Shepherd) Lawson, a member of the class of 1971, passed away Nov. 10, 2015. Linda’s husband, Dan Lawson, is a 1971 graduate. Two of her children, Jamin Lawson (’01) and Ginger (Lawson-’02) DesRosiers, and her brother, Mike Shepherd (’74), are also alumni. Obituary

Lori (Sears) King died Oct. 19, 2015. Lori was a member of the class of 1989. Obituary

A member of the class of 1991, Dan Bies, passed away October 1, 2015. Dan’s father, Tim Bies, and mother, Judy (Milam) Bies, are members of the class of 1962. Dan’s sister, Wendy (Bies) Hannum, is a 1983 graduate, and his brother, Chris Bies, a 1990 graduate. Obituary

Faye Kuchenmeister, a 1995 graduate, died July 20, 2015. Obituary

Marcel Bertholet died May 23, 2015 at age 95. Marcel served as the college’s maintenance supervisor from 1968 until this retirement in 1989. Obituary

Walter Gilfilen, the college’s fourth president, passed away May 22, 2015. The student body warmed quickly to Walt Gilfilen, who served as president from 1978 to 1980. He was a kind and gentle Christian man who influenced countless individuals during a life well-lived. Obituary

A member of the class of 1963, Betty (Bowersock) Hurston, died May 22, 2105. Obituary

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