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Rochester College is a special place…

At Rochester College students are part of a Christian academic community where their minds and spirits are called to meet exciting challenges through daily interactions with professors who have been educated at some of the finest institutions in the world.
The challenging academic programs strive to educate the whole person, stressing instruction in literature, history, mathematics, great ideas, religious studies, natural and social sciences, and human communication.

What makes academics at Rochester College truly special is our dedication to integrate faith and learning. Students journey together with our highly qualified faculty to understand and carefully study all that the arts and sciences have to offer while placing that information within the context of our Christian faith and practice.

 Top 10 Reasons to Attend RC

  1. At Rochester College, the things that matter most in life matter most to us – right values lived within right relationships.
  2. Academic excellence is pursued in every discipline.
  3. Incoming freshmen receive an Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch or an iPad as their own and combine online learning with traditional educational models.
  4. Within an Integrated Learning Model (ILM), students learn scholarly research methods, critical thinking, and effective communication skills.
  5. Areas of concentration within the ILM prepare students to excel in both graduate and professional programs.
  6. The four seasons of Michigan are experienced on a safe and beautiful wooded campus on the banks of the Clinton River.
  7. Students have the option to travel and study abroad in such settings as Africa, Europe and Israel.
  8. Classes are taught by well-qualified and experienced professionals who know and nurture their students.
  9. Music, theater, nine athletic teams, and a variety of cultural events in an urban setting offer students a well-rounded educational environment.
  10. Lives are changed, and friendships that will last a lifetime are formed on the campus of Rochester College.

You will find Rochester College is a special place!