Rochester College offers a two year Masters of Religious Education degree that is designed to provide advanced preparation for men and women for full time ministry in church and para-church service, preparation for a life of scholarship and teaching, and personal spiritual enrichment.

We believe that ministry in the church should be characterized by careful, honest, and rigorous engagement of the church’s Scriptures, her history, her theology, and the vast variety of cultures in which she finds her service.

In light of this conviction, the Masters of Religious Education intends to guide students in the pursuit and development of critical skills in research, written and oral communication, with focused work on the primary sources of the church’s life and ministry.


The Masters Program in Missional Leadership consists of 36 hours of graduate course work built around 12 hours Biblical Text, 12 hours Missional Leadership, and 12 hours Theology/history. It is a cohort-based degree fostering Christian community for the sake of growing deeper in the life and mission of God. All students take the same courses in the same sequence to foster richer life and conversation throughout the degree. While many of the courses are online, requiring no face-to-face contact, the cohort concept allows relationships to develop over time. It is the expectation that this enriched sense of community will make possible a communal/formational environment.

Each year in the MRE begins with a three-day retreat devoted to developing a rule of life shared by all cohort participants. Rochester College provides spiritual formation coaches who stay with the cohort throughout the program, underscoring our commitment to the life of the spiritual leader.

Additionally, each semester students gather for a one-week, intensive course (M-F, 9am-5pm). This intensive environment is intended to produce a rich engagement with course material and students’ ministry contexts. Some of these intensives will be on Rochester College’s campus, but because of the unique design of the degree some of these courses may be hosted in places like St Paul, MN or Durham, NC. This allows the MRE to bring students into contact with some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the Missional church movement.

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This degree is for leaders of all kind: staff ministers of all stripes, elders and other lay leaders, persons anticipating a career shift involving ministry.

For more information, contact Dr. Mark Love, Director of the Resource Center for Missional Leadership at Rochester College at or 248.218.2300.