Students may seek teacher certification at the elementary level with the Integrated Science Education major. All students seeking elementary certification must choose the Elementary Education minor.

Requirements for the BS in Integrated Science Education
General Education Core (some major courses may satisfy gen ed req) 35
Integrated Science Education Major* 41
BIO 1014 Biological Science I 4
BIO 1024 Biological Science II 4
BIO 2013 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology 3
BIO 2224 Introductory Botany and Zoology 4
CHE 1514 College Chemistry I 4
CHE 1524 College Chemistry II 4
NSC 1004 Earth Science with Lab 4
NSC 3114 Earth’s Waters 4
NSC 4612 Senior Seminar 2
PHS 2014 General Physics I 4
PHS 2024 General Physics II 4
Elementary Education Minor 26
Professional Studies 39

*MAT 1334 Pre-Calculus is a required support course for the Integrated Science Education major.