Students may seek teacher certification at the secondary level with the Social Studies Education major. Because this is a comprehensive group major, no minor is required.

Requirements for the BS in Social Studies Education
General Education Core (some major/minor courses may satisfy gen ed req)34
Social Studies Education Comprehensive Group Major57
BUS 2403 Macroeconomics3
BUS 2413 Microeconomics3
EDU 2313 Social Studies Foundations3
GEO 1013 Introduction to Geography3
GEO 3113 World Regional Geography3
HIS 1313 Western Civilization to 15003
HIS 1323 Western Civilization 1500 to Present3
HIS 2113 Michigan History3
HIS 2413 World History3
HIS 2513 United States History to 18773
HIS 2523 United States History 1877 to Present3
HIS 3423 Globalization and the Developing World3
HIS 3503 Women in American History3
HIS 3000+ Upper Division Elective3
HIS 3000+ Upper Division Elective3
HIS 3000+ Upper Division Elective3
POS 2013 National Government3
POS 2023 Introduction to the American Legal System3
POS 3013 The U.S. in the Modern World3
Professional Studies39