Students may seek teacher certification at the secondary level with the English Education major. Students must choose a subject area minor from biology, history, or mathematics.

Requirements for the BS in English Education
General Education Core (some major/minor courses may satisfy General Education requirements)40
English Education Major36
ENG 2413 World Literature Survey3
ENG 3513 Critical Writing and Literary Analysis3
ENG 3613 Grammar and Linguistics3
ENG 4413 Diversity in American Literature3
ENG 4523 Advanced Composition3
ENG 4533 Senior Writing Project3
ENG 3213 British Writers to 1800 OR ENG 3223 British Writers, 1800 to Present3
ENG 3313 American Writers to 1865 OR 3323 American Writers, 1865 to Present3
Choose one:ENG 4723 Studies in Genre: FictionENG 4733 Studies in Genre: PoetryENG 4743 Studies in Genre: Drama3
ENG 3000 or above Literature3
ENG 3000 elective3
RDG 3413 Adolescent Literature3
Content Area Minor24-27
Professional Studies39

English Education Minor Requires ENG 2113, 2413, 3513, 3613, 4413, 4523; three hours from ENG 3213, 3223, 3313, or 3323; and three hours from ENG 4713, 4723, 4733, or 4743.