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The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree completion program is designed for adults pursuing a career in a mental health field. Most students who complete this program will choose to continue on to graduate school for further training toward licensure as a psychologist, psychotherapist, professional counselor, or social worker. Although this program meets the preparatory needs of most graduate schools, students should consult the graduate school of their choice for specific requirements.

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This program is offered at the main campus in Rochester Hills, at Macomb Community College’s University Center in Clinton Twp, and at Mott Community College’s University Center in Flint. The curriculum offered at the Mott campus varies slightly from what is shown below. Students interested in this program are encouraged to contact an adviser for details.

General Education Core25Electives37Prerequisites:

  • PSY 2013 General Psychology
  • PSY 3013 Psychology of Personality
  • PSY 3033 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
  • PSY 3303 Abnormal Pschology
12Psychology Major46PSY 3043 Brain and Behavior3PSY 3223 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging3PSY 3313 Introduction to Psychological Assessment3PSY 3323 Research Methods3PSY 3403 Introduction to Psychotherapy and Counseling3PSY 3413 Substance Abuse and Addictive Behaviors3PSY 3423 Diversity and Cross-Cultural Psychology3PSY 3233 Child and Adolescent Development3PSY 3503 Cognitive Psychology3PSY 3514 Learning and Memory4PSY 4413 Introduction to Marital and Family Systems3PSY 4423 Psychology of Group Processes3PSY 4893 Psychology Seminar (Capstone course)3PSY 4943 Ethics in Behavioral Sciences3REL 1003 Intro to Christian Faith3TOTAL FOR COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR120