The Neuropsychology concentration provides an introductory focus in the foundational physical sciences, psychology, and neurosciences. Several psychology lab courses offer a basis in preparing the student for understanding the Neuropsychology of behavior as well as brain dysfunction. Opportunities for research will be available.


Requirements for the BS in Psychology – Concentration in Neuropsychology
General Education Core49
SOC 2453 recommended (Human Institutions/Behavior)3
Psychology Core18
PSY 2013 General Psychology3
PSY 3303 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences3
PSY 3323 Research Methods in the Social Sciences3
PSY 3033 Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 3413 Substance Abuse and Addictive Behavior3
PSY 4943 Ethics in Behavioral Science3
Science Core15
BIO 2013 Human Anatomy and Physiology I3
CHE 1514 College Chemistry I4
 CHE 2514 Organic Chemistry4
 BIO 3324 Microbiology4
Neuropsychology Core38
PSY 3203 Child Development3
PSY 3213 Adolescent Development3
PSY 3223 Adulthood and Aging3
PSY 3043 Brain and Behavior3
PSY 3053 Health Psychology3
PSY 3063 Principles of Neuroscience3
PSY 3503 Cognitive Psychology3
PSY 3514 Learning and Memory4
PSY  3533 Developmental Neuropsychology3
PSY  3543 Neuropsychology of Adulthood3
PSY 4434 Advanced Experimental Psychology4
PSY 4893 Psychology Seminar (Capstone)3
CHE 3514 Biochemistry I (recommended)4