MichalMichal Smelser (senior editor) is a junior at RC and is majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with focus in English and International Studies. She is a fiction writer who sometimes dabbles in poetry. When looking at a piece, she looks for a clearly-written and thought-provoking story. Her favorite authors include C.S. Lewis, JRR Tolkien, and Garth Nix. As a writer, she looks for inspiration constantly–from fellow writers, from questions she asks about other stories, and from situations she encounters in her daily life.



ShilohShiloh Covell (assistant editor/social media editor) has been a writer since she was able to form sentences.  As a reader she is drawn to fictional stories that range from realistic thrillers to tales of creatures she secretly wishes were real. She likes to write in the same genres for audiences of all ages. She also has an interest in writing content for board and video games. As an editor she is looking for pieces that evidently have thought behind them.




NoahNoah R. Mabey (poetry editor) is a full time nerd and part time poet. He enjoys reading and writing everything, but has a preference for the absurd and the surreal. Some of his favorite authors include Edgar Allan Poe, G.K. Chesterton and Allen Ginsberg. When reading and writing Noah likes to challenge and be challenged on his ideals of art, and hopes to find submissions that can push and break the envelope of literature.




JesseJessie Forton (faculty advisor) teaches creative writing, literature and composition, in addition to sponsoring much of the creative writing at RC. She enjoys writing poetry, flash, and creative non-fiction, and is currently at work on a collection of essays. Jessie’s favorite authors include Willa Cather, Junot Diaz, William Faulkner, Jo Ann Beard, Annie Dillard, and Marilynne Robinson.




Zac Watson (faculty advisor) has been an editor of fiction and nonfiction. He enjoys writing songs and poetry when he has time, as well as working with 2D and 3D design.  His favorite writers include Tom T. Hall, Flannery O’Connor, Billy Collins, C. S. Lewis, Sharon Creech, and James Thurber, and one of his favorite artists is his wife, Kim.

Editorial Board:
Caitlin Bechard, Elliot Jones, Elizabeth Ledlie, Kathleen Pfieffer, Zac Watson, Julyane Hughes, Jessie Forton, Katie Martelle

Brian Eddings, Chelsea Payton, Shiloh Covell, Michal Smelser, Noah Mabey, Meg Pollock, Jake Fulton, Sam Wright, Jared Rush, Christian Carlisle, Adina Vanloo, Madison Kolke