The Worship Ministry degree prepares students to serve God’s people in the planning and leading of worship. Theology, ministry, music, and theatre come together in this interdisciplinary degree to equip leaders for the broad demands of contemporary worship. Proficiency in ministry arts (music and theatre) serves the theological commitment that worship is a primary place where Christian belief and practice is formed. Outcomes for those who pursue this degree include worship ministry in a local congregation and/or para-church ministries that emphasize music or theatre.

BS in Worship Ministry
General Education Core*49
Worship Ministry Core40
BIB 2983 Biblical Intrepreation3 
BIB 3484 Contemporary Issues in Hermeneutics4
MIN 1333 Ministry Life3
MIN 2613 The Congregation3
MIN 3523 Practical Issues in Ministry3
MIN 3613 Pastoral Care or THE 3413 Theatre Ministry3
MIN 3813 Ministry of the World3
MIN 4873 Ministry Internship3
THL 2013 Spiritual Formation3
THL 2023 Theology of Worship3
THL 3623 Hymnology and Worship Music3
THL 3793 History and Theology of the Christian Tradition I3
THL 4003 History and Theology of the Christian Tradition II3
Arts Core**25
 MUS 1203 Music Foundations (co-req = MUS 1041)3 
MUS 1041 Class Piano1
 MUS 1211 Ear Training I1
 MUS 1213 Theory I3
 MUS 1221 Ear Training II1
 MUS 1223 Theory II3
MUS 2101 Worship Ensemble Lab (must take twice for credit)2
 MUS 2413 Musical Leadership3
 MUS 4213 Arranging and Scoring3
 MUE 3603 Technology in Music3
 THE 1112 Introduction to Technical Theatre2
Electives (strong suggestion to take lessons on a major instrument and include ensemble participation in Chorus and Autumn, as appropriate for the student)14

*In General education, Music Ministry Majors must take BIB 3153 Old Testament Poetic Literature as their third course in the Christian values requirement.

**Students who wish to pursue this degree plan must audition to show sufficient musical talent and aptitude for leading worship. Requirements include above-average skills in singing and/or leading while playing a keyboard or guitar.