Students may earn the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Youth and Family Ministry. This degree program is designed to prepare students to minister to youth in their families, churches, schools, and communities.

BS in Youth and Family Ministry
General Education Core*49
Youth and Family Ministry Major52
BIB 3000 or 4000 level textual courses, with both Old and New Testament courses included (3 hours must be 4000 level)9
BIB 2333 Biblical Studies Tools3
BIB 2983 Biblical Interpretation3
BIB 4394 Contemporary Issues in Hermeneutics (Capstone)4
MIN 1333 The Ministry Life 3
MIN 2613 The Congregation3
MIN 3333 Introduction to Youth Ministry3
MIN 3353 Religion, Media, and Youth Culture3
MIN 3613 Family Life Ministry3
MIN 3813 Ministry of the World3
MIN 4873 Internship3
PSY 3213 Adolescent Development3
THL 2013 Spiritual Formation3
THL 3793 History and Theology of the Christian Tradition I3
THL 4003 History and Theology of the Christian Tradition II3
Minor (recommended)18

*In the Christian Values unit of General Education, Bible/Ministry majors must take REL 1003, REL 1013, MIN 2513, and PHI 2013 or 2933. PSY 2013 is required in the Human Institutions and Behavior section.