Foundational courses feature textual Bible, historical and doctrinal religion, Hebrew, and Greek. The Biblical Studies major provides maximum flexibility in course selection for students with a variety of interests, including those who plan to seek biblical studies at the graduate level or teach religion at a Christian institution. This major also benefits students who want to increase their Bible knowledge while engaged in liberal arts studies at the bachelor’s degree level.

BS in Biblical Studies
General Education Core*49
Biblical Studies Major45
BIB 3000 or 4000 level textual courses, including both Old and New Testament courses (3 hours must be 4000 level)15
Choose one:

  • BIB 4193 History and Theology of the Old Testament
  • BIB 4293 History and Theology of the New Testament
BIB 4394 Contemporary Issues in Hermeneutics (Capstone)4
GRE 1214 Elementary Greek I4
GRE 1224 Elementary Greek II4
MIN 3323 Introduction to Preaching3
THL 3793 History and Theology of the Christian Tradition I3
THL 3893 Special Topics in Historical Theology3
THL 4003 History and Theology of the Christian Tradition II3
Language Track – Choose one:

  • Greek
  • Hebrew
Greek Language Track
GRE 3314 Intermediate Greek Grammar4
Choose one for 3 hours:

  • GRE 3413 Advanced Greek Readings I
  • GRE 3423 Advanced Greek Readings II
Hebrew Language Track
HEB 1214 Elementary Hebrew I4
HEB 1224 Elementary Hebrew II4
Minor (recommended)18

*In the Christian Values unit of general education, Bible/ministry majors must take REL 1003, REL 1013, MIN 2513, and PHI 2013 or 2933. PSY 2013 is required in the human institutions and behavior section.