Larry NormanIt is my privilege to present to you the School of Business at Rochester College. As you will see we are a unique institution that has much to offer. Rochester is an accredited college that presents a challenging academic curriculum in a Christian Community and has the connections to provide an outstanding educational experience.

The members of the School of Business faculty are drawing on our connections with industry executives to craft a program that meets the requirements of employers. Professors who are highly qualified because of their academic credentials and almost 100 years of combined professional experience mentor Rochester College students. Our students benefit because they receive the type of education that companies’ value and that will make them successful.

Having Rochester College connected to the business community also benefits our students through internship and employment opportunities. Rochester College’s location in Oakland County connects our students to many opportunities. Oakland County is the fourth wealthiest county in America and one of the most powerful economic drivers in The United States. Nearly 40% of the Fortune 500 companies do business in Oakland County. This translates into many learning and career opportunities for our graduates.

Perhaps what makes the business program at Rochester College so unique is the manner with which we approach the discipline. Our mission is to prepare people for a life of ethical service and professional achievement in a competitive world. Therefore, our students are challenged to make a difference by being successful businesspeople with Christ-like qualities whose conduct is beyond reproach.

I invite you to become connected to a unique business program that can make a difference – I invite you to the School of Business at Rochester College.

Larry Norman

Chair, Department of Business & Professional Studies