Prepares students to achieve a high level of success in entry-level business positions. Management students benefit from a broad base of accounting, economics, marketing, and management. Students will complete a general management concentration and then select from one of three other concentrations in marketing management, finance management or human resource management.

Requirements for the BBA in Interdisciplinary Management
General Education Core49
General Education Core(as defined on page 96)42
Management Concentration (required)15
MGT 3603 Organizational Behavior3
MGT 3683  Small Business and Entrepreneurship3
MGT 3703  Management Information Systems3
MGT 3613  Human Resource Management3
MGT 3713  Operations Management3
Select one of the following concentrations:
Marketing Management Concentration15
MKT 3533  Consumer Behavior3
MKT 3543  Integrated Marketing Communications3
MKT 3553  Marketing Research3
MKT 3613  Customer Relationship Management3
MKT 4513  Marketing Management3
Human Resource Management Concentration15
HRM 3643  Labor Relations3
HRM 3653  Leadership Theory3
HRM 3663  Training and Development3
HRM 4003 Compensation Management3
PSY 3123  Social Psychology3
Financial Management Concentration15
FIN 3213  Financial Markets3
FIN 3223 Bank and Financial Institution Management3
FIN 3243 Investment Management3
FIN 3253  Risk Management3
FIN 4003 Corporate Finance3