Academic Symposium April 2014


Welcome to the 2014 Rochester College Academic Symposium

April 15, 2014 – A Celebration of the Liberal Arts

Welcome to Rochester College’s 11th annual Academic Symposium, where we join together to celebrate our vibrant academic community. We are especially honored to present the academic achievements and capstone projects of 73 Rochester College students.

This year’s program boasts a diversity of form and subject matter as reflected in students’ scholarly papers, executive simulations, theatrical performances, and musical recitals. Symposium events kick off Friday with a Symposium performance of Troilus and Cressida and will conclude at Wednesday evening’s Emmy Awards.  All of our students’ performances and presentations are exciting indicators of our institutional mission which seeks to “cultivate academic excellence, principled character, servant leadership, and global awareness within an inclusive Christian heritage.”

In addition to our student presentations, we are delighted to welcome Mr. Wes Selke, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Better Ventures Investment, a venture fund for entrepreneurs building a better world. We are honored to have him participate in this special event on our campus.
We welcome your participation in this wonderful event, and we congratulate all of our student scholars for their achievements.


Schedule [PDF]

Concurrent Session A: 9:00-10:15

Business 1 – Auditorium East

  • Coca-Cola: Ron Carter, Johnny Barreto, Fernando Delacruz, Anthony Incarnati, Adam Yarber

English 1 — Richardson Center 117

  • Carlos Zabaleta: Just Play Your Game
  • Chelsea Hackel: Wondering at the Sight of Their God: A Story of Promise and Faith

Mass Communication 1 — Ham 115

  • Kaylee Anderson: Blurred Lines: The Ethics of Photo Manipulation
  • Philip Powell: War Reporting and the Ethics of Truth and Accountability

Math Education 1 — Ham 113

  • David Fleming: Technology in the Classroom
  • Linda Reed: Integrating Technology into the Secondary Mathematics Classroom

Nursing 1 — Auditorium West

  • Caring Across Cultures: Angie Brownlee, Whitney Newsom, John Paige, Asia Smith

Religion 1 — Ham 112

  • Andrew Arrol: The Idolatry of Evangelical Belief
  • Frank Beaudoin: Perfection in Christ

Plenary Session: 10:30-11:15 a.m.

Mr. Wes Selke – RC Theatre

Concurrent Session B: 12:45-2 p.m.

Business 2 — Auditorium East

  • Apple: Anthony Burton, Zef Deda, Nikki Heim, Olivia Delgado-Price, Sydney Hargrave

English 2/Humanities 1 — Richardson Center 117

  • Katie Martelle: Unforeseen Conditions
  • Allyson Huey: Upside Down Maps

Mass Communication 2 — Ham 113

  • Chase Brazle: Effects of Political Humor: Helping or Hurting Political Awareness?
  • Brad Fecteau: A Modern Take on “Modern Family”

Music 1 — RC Theatre

  • Brianna Wilkinson: The Creative Process: Musical Composition Using the Personal Computer
  • Brenden Davison: Song and Sight: The Influences of YouTube on Music and the Ensemble

Nursing 2 — Auditorium West

  • Leading by Example: Barbara Mokrzycka, Alexa Newsom, Darylann Trout

Psychology 1 — Ham 115

  • Makenna Baxter: The Blind Leading the Less Blind: The Experience of Change Blindness
  • Rachel Mitton: The Truth about Relationships: Is College Success Gender Dependent?

Religion 2 — Ham 112

  • Michael Brissette: Ecclesiastes: More Than Simply A Chasing After the Wind?
  • Jonathon Gult: What is Hell?

Science 1/ Interdisciplinary Studies 1 — Richardson Center 202

  • Keala Kaaikala: Nutrition for Optimizing Athletic Performance
  • Grant Stawarz: American Failure or British Achievement?: The American Invasion of Canada in the War of 1812

Concurrent Session C: 2:15-3:30

Business 3 — Auditorium East

  • Carnival Cruise Lines: Bobbi Bercel, Brandon Horvath, Sergio Lopez-Rios, Brad Norman, Breanna Peloni

English 3 — Richardson Center 117

  • Laura Gehrke: The Path of Corruption
  • Sarah Roper: “Hoof Beats Will Lead Them Home”

Interdisciplinary Studies 1/Theatre 1 — Ham 115

  • Rebecca Touchstone-Honeycutt: Frederick Douglass: His Struggle to Freedom
  • Brianna Wilkinson: Christ in the Concrete City: An Exploration of Modern Society’s Relationship with Christ through a Theatrical Production

Mass Communication 3 — Ham 113

  • Melody Hastings: Blackened Ethical Decisions: The Downfall of Sea World
  • Daniel Thomas: Journalism: Conflict of Duty and Ethics

Nursing 3 — Auditorium West

  • Public Health Nursing: Suicide Prevention and Awareness in Adolescents: Stephanie Rumao, Morgan Stefanski, Traci Taylor, Abimael Veras-Jimenez, Jessica Williams

Religion 3 — Ham 112

  • Darryl Lambert: One in Christ, United with God
  • Emily Simonetti: The Righteous Prostitute

Concurrent Session D: 3:45-5 p.m.

Business 4 — Auditorium East

  • Verizon: Ron Centers, Kourea Hayes, Brenden Rizzo, Jazzmone Russell, Josh Simonis

English Education 1 — Richardson Center 202

  • Miriah Jones: “Crippled Faithe,” The Beginning of a Budding Novel

Mass Communication 4 — Ham 115

  • Sara Beason: The Decision of “The Decision”: How Would Immanuel Kant Feel about ESPN’s Choice?
  • Daniel Lujan: Social Media and Government Surveillance
  • Lauren Sugden: The Case of the Duck Dynasty Interview

Nursing 4 — Auditorium West

  • Physical Environment and its Effect on Patient Outcomes: Audrie Bedenis, Michelle Capriola, Amanda Horn Fuller, Lynnsey Norat, Tiffany Shelton

Social Work 1 — Ham 112

  • Social Work Field Practicums: Rachel Campolong, Jordan Enciso, Taylor Gizinski, Diane Kelly, Kirsten Rudd


Mr. Wes Selke

Wes is co-founder and managing director of Better Ventures, a venture fund for entrepreneurs building a better world. Better Ventures provides funding, mentorship, collaborative workspace  and investor connections to companies creating scalable solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. Wes is also the investment manager for Good Capital’s Social Enterprise Expansion Fund, where he sourced and is actively engaged with the fund’s top two investments, Alter Eco and Better World Books. Wes began his career in Ernst & Young’s Mergers & Acquisitions group and worked in Equity Research at William Blair & Company. He earned a master’s of business administration from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley and a bachelor of business administration from the University of Michigan. Wes is an active member of Christ Church East Bay, where he serves as director of the financial advisory board. He lives in Oakland, Calif. with his wife and two children and enjoys cycling in the East Bay hills and Sunday
trips to the local farmers market.