Summer of 2014

Estimated Cost: $5,000

Needed: Valid passport and health insurance that covers overseas travel

Maximum Group Size: 5

The GEO Africa Program is a new opportunity at Rochester College that builds on RC’s past experiences and present relationships with churches and organizations in Uganda and Rwanda.

The trip’s itinerary includes rafting on the Nile River on Grade 5 rapids, camping on an island in the Nile River, visiting one or two of Uganda’s premier game parks, andtraveling by bus to Rwanda to meet with missionary teams and development organizations cultivating hope in a country still hurting and healing from the 1994 genocide.

While on the trip, students will also partner with local organizations, such as Kibo Group International ( These organizations are helping to provide resources, ideas, and opportunities to local communities through creative partnerships with those communities.

Students may also find themselves walking and working alongside counselors comforting and advising victims of HIV and AIDS, sorting coffee at the Source Café, a redemptive business in Jinja, or planting trees in Busoga with the Kibo Group’s Mvule Projects (

Three courses will be offered during the summer that will fit into a student’s overall degree program. Students are required to select at least one, and are able to participate in two if they wish. Courses available are:

  • Intercultural Communication, taught by Dr. Gary Selby, Professor of Communication, Pepperdine University.
  • Christianity and Culture, taught by Mark Manry assistant professor of religion and history at Rochester College.
  • Internship – International Development, facilitated by Mark Manry.

The estimated trip cost includes roundtrip airfare, travel visas to Uganda and Rwanda, transport within Africa, accommodations/board, and other excursions such as camping, white-water rafting and a safari in a Ugandan game park. This cost does not include applicable tuition fees. Students will be permitted to raise funds from churches and individuals for a portion of the program costs.

For more information, contact Dr. Keith Huey at