Move UP

Whether you prefer online, in-class or a combination of the two, we offer accelerated BBA and BS degrees in a wide range of disciplines that will enhance your skills and help you move up in your job, bump up in pay, or even switch up your career.
Management Macomb, Rochester Hills Yes
Psychology Macomb, Rochester Hills, Flint Yes
Early Childhood Studies Macomb, Rochester Hills, Flint, Southfield Yes
Biblical Studies Rochester Hills Yes
Leadership with Management Track Macomb, ONLINE Yes
Mass Communication Macomb, Flint, Southfield Yes
Mass Communication – Broadcasting Southfield Yes
Mass Communication – Public Relations Southfield Yes
Mass Communication – Graphic Design Southfield Yes
Associate of Arts Rochester Hills, Southfield Yes
  Ready to get stated? Or do you still have a few questions? If so, contact your admissions adviser and they’ll help you with anything else you need.