Mission Statement

The faculty in the area of history and political science strive to provide a deeper understanding of the world in which we now live by exploring the political, cultural, social, and economic past of the world’s civilizations. The instructors also seek to enrich students’ understanding and knowledge of humanity’s various spiritual heritages. In addition, guidance is offered in historical research, writing skills, and critical thinking.

The political science faculty seek to provide credible introductory and upper-division courses, and to create an environment that inspires discussion regarding the morality of public policies and outcomes of the legal system. All the course offerings emphasize the historical and philosophical foundations of the American government. Legal courses stress the powers of common law courts to make law.

Academic Opportunities

Students may complete the bachelor of arts degree in humanities or the bachelor of arts or science degree in interdisciplinary studies with concentrations in history and/or political science. These degrees provide an excellent foundation for graduate training in historical studies, law, political science, journalism, library science, education, and many other fields. Teacher certification may be earned in history and social studies, allowing graduates to teach at the elementary or secondary level. Minors in history, American studies, pre-law, and social studies are also available and may be combined with other majors.

Minors in History and Political Science

  • History Minor: 18 hours of HIS, including six hours of upper-division.
  • American Studies Minor: Requires BUS 3303; two courses from HIS 3523, 3533, 3543, or 3553; and POS 2023, 2043, and 4013 or 4213.
  • Pre-Law Minor: Requires BUS 3303; MED 4113; plus 12 hours from POS.
  • Social Science Minor: Requires 18 hours, including six hours of upper division credit. Must include at least two of the following: geography, history, political science, psychology, or sociology.

Career Opportunities

The B.A. or B.S. with a concentration in history provides an excellent foundation for careers in elementary, secondary, or post-secondary education; law; governmental service; journalism; library, museum, and archival work; historical research and writing; and many other fields. Preparation for a law career should include a minimum of a minor is pre-law or American legal studies to accompany the core curriculum of the baccalaureate.

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