Requirement for the BS in Nursing

General Education Core42*
*ENG 1113 and MAT 1103 are satisfied with 25+ on English and Math portions of ACT. PED credit is satisfied by participation on an athletic team.
Required Support Courses (Pre-requisites for School of Nursing admission)20
CHE 1314 Intro to Chemistry I (taken in general education core)
CHE 1324 Intro to Chemistry II4
BIO  1014 Biological Science I with Lab4
BIO  2011 Intro to Anatomy/Physiology Lab1
BIO  2013 Intro to Anatomy/Physiology Lecture3
BIO  3324 Microbiology4
*PSY1001 Writing in APA Style1
PSY2223 Life Span Development3
*Can be taken in the first semester of nursing major.
Nursing Major64
NUR 2101 Introduction to Professional Nursing1
NUR 2204 Integrated Pathophysiology4
NUR 2304 Health Assessment4
NUR 2402 Community Wellness I with clinical2
NUR 2503 Nursing Foundations3
NUR 2604 Innovative Pharmacology4
NUR 2704 Community Wellness II with clinical4
NUR 2803 Nutritional Health Promotion3
NUR 3214 Adult Nursing I with clinical4
NUR 3314 Mental-Health Nursing with clinical4
NUR 3411 Applied Nursing Research I1
NUR 3413 Applied Nursing Research II3
NUR 3514 Maternal-Infant Nursing with clinical4
NUR 3614 Pediatric Nursing with clinical4
NUR 4114 Adult Nursing II with clinical4
NUR 4214 Population Based Nursing ith clinical4
NUR 4312 Nursing Empowerment2
NUR 4414 Pre-Licensure Capstone Practicum4
NUR 4514 Holistic Nursing Leadership4
NUR 4611 Comprehensive Nursing1
Minor recommended (not required) – 18 Additional hours for a minor0