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Three weeks before the college opened its doors to the pioneer student body in 1959, Alma Gatewood, wife of the college’s first president, hosted a meeting for women interested in raising funds for the new college. Despite stormy weather conditions, about 350 women packed in and around the recreation room of the estate house on campus for that meeting. The unexpected response foreshadowed years of successful efforts by the organization being born that night, the Associates of Rochester College.

For over 50 years, the Associates played a vital role in the development of Rochester College. Nearly every building on the campus, as well as a good portion of the equipment, athletic fields, and parking areas exist in part as a result of major contributions from the Associates. The following are some of the projects the Associates assisted with funding:

  • Associates Scholarships
  • Library books, periodicals, and electronic media
  • College vehicles
  • Classroom furniture and equipment
  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Music ensemble outfits and equipment
  • Athletic uniforms and equipment
  • Employee salaries
  • Printed promotional materials
  • Debt retirement

In 2013, the Associates board decided to transition supervision of their organization to the college development office. Prior to the official transition on May 31, 2013, the Associates passed the $4 million milestone with $4,001,075 in contributions to the college. The group’s incredible legacy will continue through the newly-structured organization and the Associates Endowed Scholarship Fund.

The college is deeply indebted to the many hundreds of individuals who served as Associates. In particular, the college honors those who served in leadership roles.

Fiscal YearMoneyRaisedPresidentFall Festival Queen
2012to2013 22,628.00Carol Passage
2011to201232,334.28Carol Passage
2010to201177,719.29Lynne Stewart
2009to201027,963.90Lynne Stewart
2008to200931,933.39Jeannette Schiele
2007to200835,981.36Jeannette Schiele
2006to200747,962.90Linda Jones
2005to200661,930.23Linda Jones Norma Morris
2004to200562,885.08Tammy Conner Sharon Witlatch
2003to200469,774.89Tammy Conner Delores Dickinson
2002to200379,480.46Julie Harper Carol Passage
2001to2002116,721.00Julie Harper Benita Ward
2000to2001106,205.71Sharon Whitlatch Kay Norman
1999to2000132,582.22Sharon Whitlatch Barb Brooks
1998to1999206,471.19Sharon Whitlatch Fonda Robinson
1997to1998133,279.06Barb O’Rourke Jeannette Schiele
1996to1997105,643.23Barb O’RourkeJanice Parent
1995to1996119,534.05Margaret FeltnerJeanne Runnels
1994to1995119,262.28Margaret FeltnerLynne Stewart
1993to1994121,400.77Ginny MayHelen Slater
1992to1993135,260.03Ginny MayAnna Holder
1991to1992137,029.53Beth FisherMarjorie Christman
1990to1991120,361.27Beth FisherKaren Watson
1989to1990131,802.60Margaret HadfieldMildred Freeland
1988to1989108,234.25Margaret HadfieldRubye Williams
1987to1988114,492.27Margaret HadfieldMary Utley
1986to1987111,280.51Benita WardErma Duty
1985to1986123,235.03Benita WardDonna White
1984to1985133,460.23Pat HarrisonCarrie Newton
1983to1984110,196.82Pat HarrisonLydia Talley
1982to1983124,446.55Gwen OrrHester Davies
1981to1982167,422.36Gwen OrrGeorgia Phillips
1980to1981126,968.43Maxine FosterMary Etta Stowe
1979to1980115,528.23Maxine FosterAileen Smith
1978to1979105,757.39Mary UtleyPat Harrison
1977to1978105,897.74Mary UtleyLaverne Smith
1976to1977113,403.32Mary Etta StowePearl Hancock
1975to1976100,980.28Mary Etta StoweMarie Hall
1974to197584,645.08Helen SlaterMary Monroe
1973to197469,430.70Helen SlaterViola Deckard
1972to197371,625.76Helen SlaterJanet Hyder
1971to197259,774.91Mary Etta StoweWilma Lutz
1970to197151,479.92Catherine SadurskiJonnie Brown
1969to197053,133.74Wilma LutzBetty Dunlap
1968to196958,800.73MarieCarterSonja Temple
1967to196853,724.39Bette HuckabyEvelyn Glover
1966to196751,083.89Mildred FreelandRuth Watson
1965to196651,191.05Mildred FreelandHelen Williams
1964to196541,882.63Wilma McKeelEddy Golden
1963to196443,972.47Wilma McKeelDoris Dunn
1962to196333,537.67Bette Huckaby
1961to196234,682.09Bell Parsons
1960to196127,713.73Vodie Kerr
1959to196010,878.73ElMeta Ford