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Dr. Craig Bowman

School of Theology and Ministry (STM) faculty members were surprised recently when in a faculty meeting, Dr. Craig Bowman announced the possibility that this academic year could be his last at Rochester College. Craig, who is originally from California, cited his father’s health, as the reason for a possible move back to California. Over the Christmas holidays, Craig visited his father and confirmed the decision to move sometime soon, making the Spring ’15 semester his last as a full-time faculty member at RC.

While Craig’s presence at RC will be missed, he hopes to continue to teach online courses for RC. Currently, Craig teaches two online courses in our graduate program in missional leadership and has taught online for our undergrad programs as well.

Craig’s long tenure at RC has left an indelible impression on students and colleagues alike. Recently, former students of Craig’s held a dinner in his honor to show appreciation for the profound influence he has had on them. His devotion to Scripture and exacting attention to method and writing excellence made him a significant influence on many of our best students.

Craig inspired us all, though, with his recent struggle with Leukemia which included a bone-marrow transplant. It was hard for us to think of Craig, an avid biker, swimmer, runner, as being debilitated by a life-threatening disease. But in typical Bowman fashion, Craig fought through hard and dark days to recover his health and return remarkably to his demanding fitness regime. (This week he’s complaining about a stress fracture from too much time on the treadmill. While for many of us that would be excuse enough for a few days off, for Craig it just meant switching to the elliptical trainer).

Craig’s faith, wisdom, work ethic, devotion to his craft, and zest for life will be missed. We pray God’s blessings on Craig and Patti, his father, and his continued work in California. May your board always be waxed and may the waves rise up to greet you.

New Faculty Openings

The last few years have seen significant losses in faculty for the STM. John and Sara Barton left this past summer for Pepperdine. Rubel Shelly moved back to Nashville in December to put his shoulder to new tasks that await him there. A few weeks ago, Craig Bowman made it official that this semester will be his last at RC. Taken together, these losses leave pretty big holes in our faculty, which in turn makes it tough to cover necessary course offerings.

But with loss comes opportunity. We will have two new faculty positions for next Fall and look forward to the energy that will come with receiving new colleagues. With the loss of Sara and Rubel in particular, our ability to bring high quality instruction for our General Education courses has been significantly challenged. Add to this, the fact that we offer four ministry degrees without a fully dedicated ministry faculty, and the shape of one position becomes pretty clear. With one position, we are looking for someone who can take the lead in our general education cornerstone course, Intro to Christian Faith, and ideally help us with upper division ministry courses.

With our second position, we hope to add someone who can help us with our Youth and Family ministry degree. Currently, we have no full-time faculty who teach youth and family ministry courses. Yet, it is one of STM’s most popular majors and a potential source for recruiting new students to the STM. So, we are looking for someone who can teach and help us revise the curriculum for our Youth and Family ministry degree.

While it is impossible to replace what we have lost, we are optimistic that a bright, new future is on the horizon for the STM.