Two nationally recognized artists — a painter and a recording artist — will create a work of art live on Monday, June 18, at 7:30 p.m. at Rochester College to help focus on “Mercy, Not Sacrifice,” the theme of the 2nd annual Streaming Conference.

Rolando Diaz, a Dallas-based Cuban-American artist, will join with Nashville singer Caryl “Mack” Parker in the RC Theatre to create this work of art. The cost to attend this two-hour performance is $15. Attendance is open to all. Order tickets online at

Rolando Diaz

Diaz travels internationally with his art to countries such as Brazil, France, Switzerland, Italy and Guatemala. He is well known for painting during live performances with artists ranging from George Winston to Rita Coolidge to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Diaz is the subject of a documentary entitled “Recapturing Cuba,” which won two awards at the Sundance Film Festival.

Diaz believes art is the expression of life. “Everything we see, feel, touch, smell and hear, in one way or another, become part of the image expressed on the canvas,” he says.

Carly "Mack" Parker

Parker’s music has played on more than 130 major-market radio stations, with multiple Adult Alternative and Country Radio singles. Her videos were in heavy “Hot Shot” rotation on CMT and GAC, and she was a three-time guest on “Prime Time Country.” She has appeared with many top artists, including Vince Gill, Amy Grant and Trisha Yearwood.

This live performance (watch promotional video) is a featured session of the 2nd annual Streaming conference, which gathers academic and biblical scholars to engage in Biblical conversations from the missional frontier.

“Streaming is committed to the notion that faithful interpretation of biblical texts is a full-sensory enterprise,” said Dr. Mark Love, director of the Resource Center for Missional Leadership. “We don’t interpret the text at a safe remove from the world, but precisely through our deep engagement with creation. And we let artists lead the way.”