On April 16, Rochester College spent an evening honoring 36 students who had distinguished themselves in the pursuits of performing scholarly research, communicating with excellence and thinking critically and creatively.

In addition, the Distinguished Faculty Award was presented to Associate Professor of Education James Dawson, who has served Rochester College’s education department for 10 years. This award honors faculty with the rank of full, associate or assistant professor who have consistently demonstrated outstanding achievements in the areas of scholarly research and/or creative endeavors, teaching and mentoring of students, service and a variety of other activities which have brought distinction to themselves and to Rochester College. The award is given annually and is accompanied by a professional development stipend.


Department of Behavioral Sciences

Psi Chi: The International Honor Society in Psychology, presented by Dr. Gordon MacKinnon

Psychology Research Awards, presented by Dr. Robyn Siegel-Hinson

  • Teri Butcher
  • Reginald Harvel
  • Kristen Hodge
  • John Jones
  • Stephany Morgan
  • Lenore Waites

Department of Business

Outstanding Business Student of the Year, presented by Professor Larry Norman

  • Shannon Biernat
  • Stephen Carowick
  • Tom Ngobi

CEL Business Students of the Year, presented by Dr. Joseph Reddick

  • Mary Rose Sergus
  • Aaron Wood

Department of Education

Outstanding Teacher Education Graduates, presented by Dr. Mel Blohm and Caye Randolph

  • Stephan Henning
  • Randee Rowell

Department of English

Outstanding English Student, presented by Professor Zac Watson

  • Rachel Grant

Outstanding Freshman English Major, presented by Professor Pam Light

  • Chelsea Hackel

Department of Humanities

“The Leo” for Excellence in History Studies, presented by Dr. David Greer

  • James Pafford

Outstanding Music Major, presented by Dr. Joe Bentley

  • Tim Storm

Outstanding Freshman Music Student, presented by Dr. Joe Bentley

  • Morganne Bentley

Ida Performance Award, presented by Professor Cathie Parker

  • Nicole Clauson

Ida Technical Award, presented by Professor Cathie Parker

  • Rachel Sorensen

Director’s Award, presented by Professor Cathie Parker

  • James Busam

Outstanding Graduate in Interdisciplinary Studies, presented by Professor Lora Hutson

  • Josie Cervantes

Department of Mass Communication

Outstanding Mass Communication Student, presented by Professor Lora Hutson

  • Joshua Jones

Department of Nursing

Nursing Student Excellence Award, presented by Professor Sharon Heskitt

  • Audrie Bedenis

Department of Religion and Bible

Departmental Award, presented by Dr. Craig Bowman

  • Jeremy Chambers

Academic Promise Award

  • Rebekah Haigh

Eckstein Biblical Languages Award

  • Jarrett Becker

Department of Science and Mathematics

Mathematics Student of the Year, presented by Professor Gary Turner

  • Nicole McKerracher

Science Student of the Year, presented by Dr. Michael Muhitch

  • Chris Gerhardt

Freshman Chemistry Award, presented by Dr. David Brackney

  • Peter Nelson

Alpha Chi International Honor Society, presented by Dr. Anne Nichols


Academic Center for Excellence “You Made a Difference” Award, presented by Paula Bonbrisco, Director

  • Julie Cory
  • Rachel Grant
  • Kristen Hodge
  • Alicia Ratza
  • Randee Rowell
  • Rachel Sorensen
  • Kristina Wolfgang

The Shield Service Award, presented by Professor Lora Hutson

  • Carlee Barackman
  • Shannon Beirnat
  • Tanna Evans
  • Rachel Grant