As a senior at Rochester College, I can reflect on my time here and realize how much I’ve grown, both as a person functioning in society and a Christian. I’ve learned much more than I ever expected. The college years are such a crucial part of life, where personal values and spiritual life become the foundation for giving life purpose and meaning. I was lucky enough to have my fellow students and professors guide me though my walk with Christ, which I believe greatly influenced my academic life as well as made my personal relationship with Jesus richer.

Spending four years in the psychology program has led me to plan on pursuing my master’s degree at Wayne State University. I recently completed research and experimentation about the cognitive effects of scents found in aromatherapy, a project which I’ll present at RC’s Psychological Symposium and at a poster presentation in Chicago for the Midwestern Psychology Association.

I’m so glad I made an effort to get involved here at RC. Most of my favorite memories come from being in the social club Tau. I‘ve taken advantage of opportunities to volunteer with fellow members of TAU, and every year I’ve participated in Celebration, where I love helping with the choreography. Being a member of TAU has helped me get so much out of my college experience. I’ve also been involved in the Jump Start program as a leader for the past three years. This opportunity allowed me to share my enthusiasm about Rochester College with incoming students. I feel blessed to have had this college experience. Thank you Rochester College for making me the person I am today and preparing me for the future!