The Academic Cabinet recently approved a new major that falls in line with the emphasis in Health Care, which continues to grow in our region. The proposal, submitted by Rochester College’s science and mathematics department, adds to the growing package of health care-related offerings. The degree is designed to provide excellent pre-professional program preparation for students interested in going on to pharmacy school or a physical therapy program.

The degree consists of a core of classes that are common requirements to both types of programs. Students electing the B.S. in Health Science will also select a track in either Pre-Pharmacy or Pre-Physical Therapy.

The Science and Mathematics department is excited to offer this degree, since it’s sure to draw excellent students into the RC community and will help ensure the department remains vibrant and growing. The department also believes that preparing students interested in providing health care fits the mission of the college beautifully. Dr. David Brackney, chair of the science and mathematics department, notes, “Whether serving as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, physical therapists, or physician assistants, our alumni will be able to carry out the mission of the college in extremely tangible ways through lives of study and service.”

A group of Rochester College pre-med students traveled this spring to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to participate in a medical school fair. Over 40 medical schools from around the country were represented. Our students were able to obtain information and begin making good impressions on representatives from the medical schools to which they are interested in applying. Our pre-med concentration, as part of an Interdisciplinary Studies major, is ideally suited to provide not only the necessary science background that future medical students require, but also a strong liberal arts foundation essential to well-rounded individuals—whom medical schools seek out for their programs.

Building off of this model, Rochester College recently added to its offerings a pre-physician assistant concentration. While many prerequisites for PA programs are similar to the courses in the pre-med concentration, certain significant differences justified the creation of this new track. The program is tailored to meet the academic requirements of most physician assistant programs and is flexible enough to be tweaked to match the specific requirements of any particular program. We are excited to offer a well-planned track of study to students wishing to enter a PA program.

For more details on these programs, contact Dr. David Brackney at 248.218.2116 or