Basketball camp directed me to Rochester College during summer breaks from school, although at the time becoming a part of the campus community never crossed my mind. God had a plan for me that I never imagined and it has turned out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I enrolled as a student in the fall of 2008 and this experience has answered all my prayers. God allowed me to go through growing pains and never gave up on me, and the proof is in the opportunities that I have been blessed to have at RC. Currently, I am a member of the men’s basketball team and I serve as president of Della Phi Petey, a campus social club. I’ve become a better student and an even better person because of the practices of discipline, honesty and righteousness that Rochester College demands.

RC is in its own lane! The difference is the number of people willing to make your experience here meaningful. The faculty truly and genuinely care about making you a better person than you were when you came. The atmosphere is very supportive. I have learned to grasp every moment of opportunity here because you never know when it will come around again in your favor. Most importantly, what sets RC apart from other colleges and universities is that it challenges you to be who you are within. Attending RC can only benefit you! In life there will be many obstacles and hurdles to overcome, and being equipped with the tools that RC can give will take you to new heights. If you don’t believe my words and are up for a challenge, come see what the fuss at Rochester College is all about!