Never before in my life have I been challenged to explore my identity in the many ways I have at Rochester College. It continually pushes me to new heights. The people and opportunities that have come into my life during my time here have shaped me into a new person. I’ve been influenced and encouraged by so many: the education majors who I have begun to know and learn alongside of, the professors who have taught me so much more than what their course descriptions indicated, the brothers and sisters that I have found in Sigma Phi Delta Nu, the church members who have made this my home away from home, the students who traveled and explored Europe with me for a semester, the mentors I have found in so many of the faces at RC, and numerous others.

The atmosphere found at Rochester College is incredibly unique. Not only has it challenged me to explore my identity, but also it has given me the avenues to do so by allowing me to get involved in numerous ways. I joined the social club Sigma Phi Delta Nu my freshman year and I am currently the president. I also am the photo editor for the school newspaper, The Shield. I work as a tutor in the ACE Lab and spent last year as Student Body President. My sophomore year, I was blessed to get to study abroad for a semester in Europe. And this list is no comparison to the various events and spontaneous activities I’ve had during my time at RC!

Rochester College has taught me that I never want to stop growing and discovering. I want to live everyday with a hunger for knowledge and a desire to explore this world and the opportunities it holds.