gym_banner1plus1Nearly every private institution must raise funds to cover annual operating expenses (scholarships, salaries, educational programming). This is known as RC’s Annual Fund. This year we must raise $1.1 million to balance our budget. To encourage supporters to give to both the Annual Fund and the gymnasium project. a donor has stepped forward with the largest challenge gift we have ever received.

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You give $1 to the Annual Fund + $1 to the gymnasium project and the college will receive a $1 match from the donor–up to $500,000. See the numbers actually do add correctly! $1+$1=3. For example, you give $200 to the 1+1=3 Campaign. RC will apply $100 to the Annual Fund and the $100 to the gymnasium project, and the donor will provide $100 matching dollars.

coach_pleasantAfter winning our 5th national championship, it is time to make our dream a reality.

Renewing a building project.

For years, we have dreamed about building a much needed new gym. We have had starts and stops along the way, but now are moving ahead deliberately and responsibly. We plan to build the complex in three stages, while remaining steadfast in our primary mission of building character, faith and community. This approach allows us to build in successive, manageable increments the Health & Behavioral Sciences Building—to house not only certain athletic programs but also our School of Nursing.

With significant infrastructure work now completed, the next step is to build the Garth Pleasant Gymnasium. Once the Garth Pleasant Gymnasium is finished, we will add the remainder of the facility as student growth and funding allow.

We will not put a shovel in the ground until the entire $3.8 million is raised. The first million has been raised from a handful of donors who wanted to be part of the seed money for this project. Now it is time we open up the doors for others to partner with us to finish this project.

Changing Lives

The Garth Pleasant Gymnasium will honor and perpetuate the 38-year career of Coach Garth Pleasant. In addition to incredible success on the basketball court, Coach Pleasant has influenced the lives of hundreds of students. He models RC’s mission of building character, faith and community.

If you have any questions about the 1+1=3 Campaign please contact the Rochester College Development Office at 248.218.2021.